Welcome to Baby & HomeTM, a resource we created to bring sanity back to the family for expat parents. Our mantra is parenting on the move which ties in with our current globetrotting lifestyle. 

Through trials and plenty of errors (who doesn’t! ^^), we picked up valuable knowledge and practical experience. To complement, we also interviewed other international families made up of a group of expats from around the globe including medical doctors, architects, pilots and entrepreneurs. We collate their sharing and will post it up here. Our aim is to be a source of support for couples who are expecting, especially their first bundle of joy.


The most important role of parents is to make the right timely decisions and we will help you with that, especially over what to buy and prepare for your newborn. We acknowledge that being expat parents do not make the task easier and the expat baby too has to rough it out with parents constantly on the move.

Our website is also a friendly resource for anyone who is cracking their head over what to get for your friends’ newborn. Over the years, we had gifted our friends with items they need and do not need. Needless to say, some of those must have went to other hands. We do the same too, not out of disrespect for the gifts of love but simply because those items are not essential to us and being expats with a 1-2 years per country assignment, there is really not much point to lug unnecessary luggage from country to country. Our usual practice was to re-gift those precious items to others who need it. 

Quick story…Joyce and I spent four months poring over every stroller we can lay our eyes and hands on. Eventually, we got one and it ain’t perfect but that is okay. Nothing perfect has been made yet. At least not that we know of. At Baby & Home™, we are going to cover baby products. Our criteria are simple. These must be products we or our friends are using because that is the best way to share what really works or the items to avoid.

Every family is a little bit different, so we hope you take our reviews and compare them against your needs and situation.

Joyce is a medical doctor with postgraduate degrees specialising in child health and years of experience in child care & quality assurance, so we do adopt a stricter position on products’ quality and child safety.

Jude & Joyce

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