Preparing Milk For Your Baby In 60 Seconds


The BabyNes system offers a quick way for both mom and baby to receive the right nutrition in a convenient way. The key here is convenience.

Using the BabyNes is fuss-free and all you need to do is to put in the capsule, add water at the top compartment (there is a marker showing you how much water you should add minimally), turn the dial to the temperature you prefer and then press the start button. 

The machine will kick into action, mixing the milk powder and water to the right temperature. In less than a minute, it is ready for consumption.

Formula Milk Capsules
Formula Milk Capsules

Care & Maintenance

The machine requires very little in terms of maintenance. After each use, just make sure to rinse with water the tray where the capsule is placed in, the cup holder and the top water compartment and leave them out to dry. This is definitely a major PLUS point for busy parents. 


  1. We once discovered a dead ant 🐜 in the water compartment. How it managed to get in there is still a mystery but you want to be careful to rinse it again prior to each use. If not, such insects or ants may just get mixed into the formula milk. 
  2. Among the formula capsules, we had one that didn’t really pass the QC. The formula was clumped (hardened) and did not dispense properly. This is one case out of 52. ( <2% fault rate )

Clumped Formula


  • Convenient plug and play, easy to use and clean
  • Hygienic setup, with little risk of contamination – 1 capsule per meal


  • Heavy, and not really that portable
  • Capsules are costly compared to milk powder in can form
  • Sterilisation quality is questionable as milk powder is sterilised at water of only 37-40 deg. Study suggested water of > 70degC is necessary to kill major bacteria when preparing milk from milk powder

Personal Experience

Using the BabyNes is as easy as it gets. If you have or are using any coffee machine from Nespresso, BabyNes essentially operates the same.

During Joyce’s pregnancy, she consumed 1 capsule per day. Each box of formulas contains 26 capsules and we used up two boxes prior to her delivery. It is probably hard for us to comment on the effectiveness of the formulas. As a consumer, we bought into its convenience but are not too excited about its capsule pricing. It is actually expensive when we compared to a can of milk powder. Well, this is a case of convenience at a cost. As busy parents, don’t you always wish you have more time? 

After delivery, we decided to breastfeed our baby and not rely on the formulas. Thankfully, Joyce is expressing well and baby also seems happy. 

We got this for free as a promotional item from Wyeth Nutrition but the views expressed in this review are purely ours’. This is definitely a machine built with convenience in mind. BabyNes can save you lots of time and moms out there, I am sure if you are breastfeeding, you can attest to the fact that breastfeeding whether direct or through a breast pump takes up significantly more time and has to be done on a regular basis to prevent engorgement…

Product: BabyNes

Origins: Wyeth Nutrition (Formerly Pfizer Nutrition) is part of Nestle (A Switzerland Co.)

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)

We gave it a rating 3 out of 5. BabyNes is a great time-saver and this is without a doubt, one of their key selling strengths. The machine does not take up too much space and thus storage is easy when you are not using it. However, as a mom, I think the most important to my baby is not convenience, but well-being. I wouldn’t trade that for convenience if I can help it. Breast milk is still the best way to go if your situation allows for it. As for the BabyNes, I recommend it as a supplement for moms prior to delivery and for babies who are a bit older (after 7 months).

Share with us your experience if you are also a BabyNes user.

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