Getting a Baby Crib Bumper

Getting a Baby Crib Bumper

There is a need for baby crib bumper when your baby starts to tumble. Otherwise, they will just bang their heads against the sides or get their legs entangled in between the wooden slits. 

Here’s what I mean. 

My leg is trapped…Help!

It is a good thing we were around when this happens but after a few times, we feel it’s time to invest in an all-around crib bumper.

The crib bumper is placed around the four sides of the crib and protects your baby from hard knocks and impact. In addition, their tiny hands or legs won’t get trapped between the slits. 

When is a good time to get a crib bumper?

It depends on the size of your baby crib. A smaller crib would have a more urgent need for a crib bumper especially if your baby has already learnt to tumble. Our baby started to tumble when she’s 4 months old and these days, she is turning 360 within the crib. Without the crib bymper, she would have collected bruises all over and our biggest concern is her head. 

What type of crib bumper to get?

The most popular choice is the bumper pads. It is a common accessory and you can get it from Amazon or your nearest retail and usually they come in sizes that fit all types of crib. Before purchase, just make sure to check the size against your crib’s dimensions. Generally, you can go for the exact fit or if your crib does not fit standard dimensions, our advice is to go for padding that is longer as you can overlap the excess length, rather than having a gap. 

The other choice is a knotted bumper. It has a fanciful touch to it but if your baby is very active, the lower height of the knotted bumper may not offer much in terms of protection as your baby can quite easily go over it. Still, it is better than no protection…


The baby crib bumper is not an item you need to get at the beginning months. Most babies start to tumble after 3rd month and that’s when you want to pay attention to their safety and get a crib bumper. 


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