How to Prepare your own Banana Cereal Smoothie for Baby in 3 Mins

Banana Cereal Smoothie for your baby in 3 mins

Visit any supermart and you find the baby food section is commonly lined up with all kinds of cereals for your babies who are taking their very first bite of solid foods.

Among the food items, the banana fruit porridge or cereals is a hot seller. Banana comes with multiple vitamins good for baby’s growth and many parents buy it to complement the daily milk intake.

Before we go further, let’s look at the nutritional value of the ingredients:

  • Banana: Potassium, Vitamin B6, Dietary Fibre
  • Breast / Formula Milk
  • Brown Rice: Carbohydrates, Dietary Fibre, Iron

Today, we show you how you can avoid those long queues at the supermart and prepare your own delicious and healthy banana-nutrient-rich snacks for your little ones in 3 mins

All the items you need for this sumptuous meal preparation

Items you need

  • Brown Rice Cereals (You can also cook porridge but cereals are faster to prepare)
  • Milk (formula or breast milk)
  • Banana x 1
  • Cup or any bottle for holding the blended mix
  • A Blender (Ours’ is from Kenwood and it takes up little space)

3 min preparation for a healthy meal

1. Cut the banana into small pieces for easy blending. Depending on the amount you are preparing for your baby, you may not use up an entire banana. You can just gobble up what’s left behind. Usually I use half a banana for a single day’s intake split into 2 feedings but that’s just my style. Adjust to fit your baby and your schedule.

2. Mix the brown rice cereals, milk and banana and then blend it. Depending how solid you want the mix to be, adjust the amount of milk accordingly. For me, I use 30 ml of breast milk. Here is a sample of how mine looks like and I find this to be ideal for babies in general as they learn to handle (swallow) solid food for the first time.

Food container from Philips works great and fits into most electric warmers with no problem

The food container above is from Philips. We got it together when we bought their 3-in-1 Steam Steriliser. The size is handy and best of all, it is easy to clean. As stay at home parents juggling work and baby, time is always a premium and we always try to use our time effectively.

3. Once the banana milkshake is ready, either serve it directly to baby if they are hungry or have it refrigerated. You can warm it up before feeding. The good thing with the food container above is that it fits in well with our electric warmer from Tommee Tippee.

We hope this is helpful to you, especially newbie parents. It is an easy recipe to follow and you can do it without requiring a lot of equipment or ingredients. We recommend brown rice cereals as one of the staples though you can also do it without cereals simply by just mashing milk and banana slices together.

Last but not least, we really like the Kenwood blender and feel it deserves a second mention. The Kenwood blender is a powerhouse despite its small size and due to its compactness, can be stored easily on your kitchen top to dry without taking up precious space. Here’s a link if you want more details.

For parents who are really busy and want a ready fix without having to go through the process of buying bananas, blending and all that, you can consider the Gerber Oatmeal and Banana Baby Cereal.


4 thoughts on “How to Prepare your own Banana Cereal Smoothie for Baby in 3 Mins”

  1. My babies are all grown now but I really like this idea. My kids are going to have babies soon and I am going to recommend your site to them all.
    Great idea to make your own quality baby food.
    Good job!

    1. Congrats on becoming a grandfather soon! Thanks for sharing our site with your children. I hope they like it and yes, we are going to keep experimenting and putting up new blog posts/tips. 🙂

  2. I love how quick and easy this recipe is! You did a great job of simplifying the steps and I appreciate how you included pictures from your process. I am very visual, so that helps me a lot. With a 9 month old who LOVES bananas, this is sure to be a hit! My only question–can you use other cereals like oatmeal instead of rice?


    1. Hey Jennie, sure you can use oatmeal instead of rice. The texture may come out a bit different but it’s ok to experiment with different ingredients to find your baby’s palate. Have fun and share your experience with us too!

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