NOVITA HydroPlus Water Pitcher – Safe, Portable Water

Novita Hydroplus Water Pitcher

Getting clean and safe water for your little one is of utmost importance. The easiest way is to install a water purifier.

Water purifier comes in all shapes, sizes and colours to blend into your kitchen counter. It doesn’t take too much space and very often, it can dispense both purified cold and hot water.

As we are often on the move across different regions, we wanted to get something that is more portable and friendly to use.

We settled for the Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher.

This is like the little brother of the Novita HydroPlus family, but it packs in all the features we need. We bought the lime green model because that’s my favourite colour and it goes well with the rest of the kitchen top setup.

The Lime Green Water Pitcher from Novita HydroPlus

In case green is not your favourite, Novita has a total of 6 colours for you to choose from.

6 Colours to choose from
Spoilt for choice – a total of six bright colours

The Fragile Part

Water Pitcher Sensor

The part where the finger is on is a sensor and can be detached from the pitcher. Jude discovered it by chance when he was washing it one day. Unfortunately, it slipped from his fingers and broke into two pieces.

Frankly, we didn’t expect it to be so brittle. We were a bit disappointed with the build quality but thankfully the unit was under warranty, we had a one-for-one replacement as Novita does not handle just parts replacement. We are careful with that area and make sure we don’t dislocate it by accident.

A Real Need for Water Purifier?

No matter where you are living, water is never 100% safe. We have lived in Singapore which has one of the cleanest water supply in the world, and people here drink directly from their home tap water if they want to.

However, water has its impurities which the naked eye cannot detect. Apart from the bacteria that is filtered out, the water purifier also takes care of the heavy metals in the water. If the heavy metals are not removed, they cause health issues to humans and can also cause limescale in cooking utensils, electric kettles.

Lime Scale Removal using Vinegar
Lime Scale Removal

We can remove limescale by using vinegar. Just pour some vinegar into your electric kettle, pots and heat it up. The effect is what you see on the right side of the image.

But hey, that’s an electric kettle. Can we descale our bodies like that? I rather not.

Over time, heavy metals will accumulate in the liver and kidneys, resulting in kidney stones, cirrhosis etc. Prevention is better than cure and the easy way is to remove those heavy metals by purifying the water before using it.

Product: Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher

Origins: Singapore

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)

👉 Get your Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher

We like the Novita HydroPlus Water Pitcher for its portability and ease of use. However, the product seems rather brittle and you have to be careful while handling it. A slip to the floor may see it going to smithereens. If you are not frequently moving, it is more cost-effective and time-saving to install a counter-top water purifier like the DOULTON Counter Top Water Filter.

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