Parenting Tip Ep 6: Exclusive Breastfeeding for Working Moms

Exclusive Breastfeeding for Working Moms

Most mothers want to do exclusive breastfeeding for their baby, ideally till the age of 1. By then, the baby is more developed, and being on a solid food diet, has a lower reliance on breast milk.

This is my experience as a working mom. I actually exclusively breastfeed my baby till 1 year without using any infant formula. Friends were amazed at how I did it because I am a working mom. So I’m going to share my experience and hopefully it is of help to you.

Breast Pumping Schedule

  • 3 sessions a day with a total of 3 hours for the whole day. 1 session in the morning, 1 during lunch and 1 more time in the evening after work. I’m blessed to have my own office, so that makes it easier for me.
  • Each session is comprised of two parts. Part 1 is 45 min, and this is where most of the milk is expressed. Then I would wait for an hour before I try to express milk for another 15 min. 

Each session is split into two parts so as to stimulate the pituitary glands in the breasts to produce more milk. If I try to express for a 75 min straight-out session, it won’t be that much and may even cause the breasts to become overly sore. 

Using this method, I am able to produce adequate breast milk for baby amounting to 800 ml (27.05 oz) per day. 

Apart from following this schedule, I also do my best to avoid certain foods that can reduce milk production. These include caffeinated foodstuff including chocolate, coffee, black tea, coke and spicy food. I say ‘do my best’ because I’m human and there is the occasional craving for chocolate and spicy food which cannot be denied.

On the other hand, these are food that may stimulate milk production including fish, fig, papaya, peppermint tea, lactation tea and dairy milk. There is also a convenient alternative if you are willing to spend more. It is known as the BabyNES Machine and with it, you can get your daily boost. Its main strength lies in its convenience of use. Just put in the lactation capsule (1 per day), select the temperature and hit the start button. In less than a min, you will have a cup of milk ready for consumption that will boost your milk production.

I used the BabyNES machine and capsules prior to giving birth. Like what the company claims, this is really a no mess no fuss setup. BabyNES provides formula capsules for all stages of your newborn. I have to admit it’s really convenient and tempting to continue with its use but for our baby, we decided to go on a full exclusive breastfeeding diet. So far, it’s been working out really well.

One thing parents should take note is that breast milk (though rich in nutrients) does not have enough DHA and Vitamin D. Thus, you should consider supplements for these two areas. I hope my sharing is helpful to moms out there. Leave me a comment below if you need more details or have a question for me. 

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2 thoughts on “Parenting Tip Ep 6: Exclusive Breastfeeding for Working Moms”

  1. Hi there,

    Great article!

    I had breastfed my children when there were babies, but I was not working at that period. The reason I am reading your article is that my sister just gave birth and she really doesn’t know how she will manage to breastfeed her baby boy when she goes back to work. The tips you have provided are very useful, and I will definitely share this post with my sister so she can apply them as soon as she starts to work again. I just have a question. Is it possible to freeze the milk without losing any vitamins and nutrition?

    Thank you for this excellent review!

    1. So glad that this article was of help! As a working mom, I definitely can relate to that. It’s not easy at the beginning but over time, I developed a rhythm for it and it works well. 

      According to research, the expressed milk should be kept in the chiller (colder top) compartment if your sister wants to use that beyond 48 hours. Then the vitamin and nutrients will be intact. For me, I usually use up the expressed milk within a day or two, so I store them in the lower compartment which is less cold. As long as it is used within 48 hours, the nutritional value of the milk will stay. 


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