Parenting Tip Ep 7: Anxiety over Baby Poo

Are you anxious over your baby's pooping timing?

The sight of baby poo can be quite exciting the first time. It also brings a sense of relief to us to see our baby pooing normally. 

Well, I guess everything has its honeymoon period.

In the weeks that followed, we had no idea when she will poo. A few times, we were caught by her poo flying across the air while changing her diaper. Once, I even avoided it by moving quickly out of harm’s way. My wife said it felt like a scene from Matrix where everything seems to go slow-mo. That was my only lucky time. Subsequently, baby would surprise me when I have my guards down. It was a lot of family fun 

Sometimes, I think the baby isn’t that innocent because I swear I saw her smiling after she succeeded in getting me dirty…

It comes with the territory, I guess. 🙂

With time, we developed a sense for her pooing timing and here’s a few tips to share. 

Baby usually poos after a meal, if they haven’t already. Halfway through the feed, they may just let it loose. So always get ready and if you are feeding her on the bed, it’s better to get a changing mat on standby.

As they grow older (for us, it’s 3rd month onwards), they will develop a habit of pooing at a certain timing of the day. Some prefer in the morning, others at night. No matter when it is, once it becomes a habit, you can almost expect them to poo around that time. Our baby loves to poo after a nice meal taken after her daily bath. It’s almost guaranteed. In a way, that really helps us to prepare. 

Baby does not poo for days. Oh no, what’s going on!!!

While we have not come across this ourselves, our friends’ baby did not poo for six days and according to them, the 7th day there was an explosion! I cannot imagine that explosion…six days is a lot of poo that’s stored up. 

However, before you start getting paranoid, some babies do poo once after every few days. Ideally, we prefer our baby to poo every day. After all, it is better not to keep anything inside for that long. Excrement helps to cleanse the body. 

In the event you find your baby not moving their bowel smoothly, one tip is to apply some olive oil onto their stomach. Do it by rubbing the oil using your hands and in a downward movement, rub it gently over their stomach. You can also massage their stomach using small circular (clockwise) movement with your fingers. This helps to relieve them of any stomach wind (bloating) and helps in overall bowel movement. The best time to do this is right after their bath.

You don’t have to hunt for special olive oil. We use olive oil that is also usable for cooking. So it’s killing two birds with one stone.

Alternatively, if you prefer to get something specifically made for baby, you can also order the Plant Guru Olive Oil. This is 100% pure olive oil and poses no danger to your baby due to any chemicals, preservatives, coloration etc. 

We hope you enjoy this article and the tips for helping your baby with pooing. Do not worry too much if your baby is not pooing daily. A newborn is able to go up to two weeks without pooing if they are on an exclusive breast milk diet. That’s because all the nutrients are absorbed by the baby. Each baby differs from the other, we believe. We are on an exclusive breastfeeding diet, but so far our baby poos almost every day. The only difference is the quantity. 

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