Parenting Tip Ep 9: Feeding with the right amount of milk

What to do if your baby refuses the milk bottle?

What to do if your baby refuses the milk bottle?

I don’t see many blog posts discussing about this but from experience and exchange with other parents, we discover some babies have a strange habit of refusing milk bottle once it leaves their mouth.

Even though they are feeding well, once the milk bottle leaves their mouth for a second, it’s almost impossible to get them to put it back. The baby will struggle and cry. Why is that so? I have been researching but it seems no one has figured out the reason yet. One moment the baby is feeding peacefully, the next she simply refuses the bottle that left her mouth only for a short while. Talk about baby tantrum!

We used to look at each other in despair, wondering where in the world went wrong? 

We tried different bottles, and it didn’t work either, so it’s definitely not the bottle.

Slowly, we derived a conclusion. You have to make the first feeding a good one and that means giving your baby the required amount of milk. Over time, you probably can gauge how much milk is necessary per feeding. Ours is at least 150 ml. If she’s very hungry, she may go up to 180 ml. So we prepare 150 ml or just slightly more per bottle. If we try to split up 150 ml into two separate feedings, it may not work. 

Strange as it may sound, getting your baby to finish all the milk in two separate feedings may be challenging at times. The situation described above may not apply to all babies. If you don’t face this issue, we’re happy for you. 🙂 For parents who share our experience, maybe you are already doing the same thing as we do. If not, we hope this sharing helps you.

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