Preparing Apple Mush for your Baby (This takes less than 3 mins!)

Apple Mush for your Baby

Apart from milk, it’s good to expose your baby to different foods. This can be done from 4m+.

To start you off, this is a quick recipe for preparing apple mush for your baby.

It’s really simple but there are some things to take note.

  • Cut the apple and make sure its skin is shaved off. Try to use a ceramic knife as a steel/metal knife causes browning of the cut fruits faster! (There is no way to prevent browning. With a ceramic knife, it merely slows it down but you want to do that if you can.)
  • Depending on your baby’s appetite, decide on the amount of apple to use. We use 1/4 of an apple.
  • Cut that apple slices into smaller pieces so that it can blend quickly. This is important because if the apple takes too long to blend, it will cause it to oxidise. Oxidise = turning dark yellowish. Taste may remain unchanged but it may not be good for baby
  • Add a bit of water (10ml or so)
  • Add brown rice cereals (2-3 tablespoons)
  • Blend and serve immediately

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