Review of Strollers and our Final Choice

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Of all the baby products, the stroller is perhaps the most challenging to decide. In fact, I think it is tougher than buying the family car. 

I have lost count of the number of strollers I have reviewed in person at each and every department store while I was living in Hong Kong. I think the promoters know me from afar. 

Every weekend, I would diligently inspect the latest model of stroller, hoping to find one that can fit all my requirements which include:

  • Bassinet for infant that can be transferred to the car as an immediate car seat
  • Usable until 2-3 years old
  • Bi-directional Implementation: Baby can see the world or face us
  • One-hand folding
  • Tires that are sturdy and have good suspension, easy to push around
  • Not too bulky as the streets are often crowded, we want to manoeuvre it with ease
  • Has to be light for easy carrying and stowaway in car boot, flight cabin etc
  • Affordable
  • Fashionable. We like baby to look good in it

Did we miss out anything from your list? Please add on in the comments if you think there is something parents should take note. 

Anyway, with a comprehensive list of features we are looking for, it didn’t take long to figure out that there probably isn’t a stroller that meets all these requirements 100%. In short, if you are like us, you have to decide eventually what are the MUST-HAVES and Good-to-Haves. 

With that in mind, our list was condensed to the following:

  • Usable until 2-3 years old from birth as we didn’t want to keep changing strollers or to have multiple strollers in our already-crowded apartment
  • Bi-directional Implementation: Baby can see the world or face us
  • Tires that are sturdy and have good suspension, easy to push around
  • Not too bulky as the streets are often crowded, we want to manoeuvre it with ease
  • Has to be light for easy carrying and stowaway in car boot, flight cabin etc
  • Affordable

Key Highlights

Chicco Bravo Trio

A few good models stand out from among the pack. The Chicco Bravo Trio almost ticked all the boxes on our wish list but we find it to be a bit bulky and the car seat is only until 9 months to 1 year of age depending on how fast your baby grows. Once the baby’s back is strong enough, the car seat can be removed and replaced with the stroller and canopy. 

Medically speaking, it is not advisable for a baby to lie on the car seat for more than two hours at a stretch as this can affect their spinal development. Therefore, we were not too keen in strollers that use a car seat. Rather if you need, a bassinet which provides a flat lying surface will be safer for your baby’s development. However, a bassinet cannot be used on a car as a car seat and thus, it is an additional item.

The Chicco Bravo Trio is essentially a very full-featured model and if you don’t mind having to get another car seat for your baby later because the current one is for infant only, this is our recommended model. 

Babyzen Yoyo+

The next model is the Babyzen Yoyo+. No stroller review is complete without mentioning the Yoyo+. The Yoyo+ is probably the most petite yet functional and robust stroller you can find. It weighs in at only 13 pounds and because of its compact design, makes for very convenient carrying. Even in the car boot, it takes up so little space that you have plenty of room to spare. The Yoyo+ is also friendly on flights and you can hand-carry it and have it stowed away on the overhead cabin. Personally I don’t like the idea of putting a stroller in the overhead cabin but if you like to move fast and avoid the waiting time at the carousel, this is for you. 

The Yoyo+ does not have bidirectional handle, so you have to purchase the infant car seat and install it. Then your baby will be facing you. Once baby is old enough, remove the infant car seat and let your baby sit up to face the world. Due to this additional purchase, the cost of a Yoyo+ can rack up significantly. It is definitely not cheap but if you want a robust yet lightweight stroller, Yoyo+ is highly recommended. In fact, other than its relatively higher price tag, it is really the stroller for city-dwellers and globetrotters. 

Tip: It has also come to our attention that there are some similarly designed strollers in the market, which is probably a testimony to Yoyo+’s quality design. These brands include Vovo, Yoya and they look and feel almost identical to the Yoyo+. They are priced at a cheaper price point and that probably created the market. I have not used them myself but a friend who is using Yoya told us that the material used for Yoya is a bit rougher compared to Yoyo+. There are cases of parents reporting skin rash of their babies after using these strollers.

We also looked at strollers from Graco, Combi and Stokke. Here is a quick round-up of their main selling points.

GRACO Fastaction Fold Jogger

The Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller has an interesting concept. It accepts infant car seat so that means you can use it for a newborn onwards. Its main selling point lies in its 3 wheel design which is air-filled for excellent suspension. This is because this stroller is suitable for parents who like to jog while pushing their baby stroller around. Frankly, I don’t see such parents around. Most I know do not exercise like that but….the point is well received. Parents should exercise.


The Stokke stroller is well known for its seat height, away from the ground. Definitely not the cheapest option, but if you are concerned about your little one being too close to ground and sucking in all the dust, the Stokke will immediately alleviate that concern. For tall parents, this can also help to reduce potential back pain of bending over too much. Stokke seems like a celebrity brand and include the following fans such as Bruce Willis, Emma Herning, Giuliana Rancic, Tina Fey, Gwen Stefani and Helen Flanagan. Yes, it is expensive but you get to step out in style. It’s a head turner for sure. Another thing to note is that Stokke strollers are not light and their latest model for 2017 the Stokke Xplory weighs in at 37.5 pounds. That’s 17+ kg! Finally, Stokke is very stable and you will have peace of mind knowing your baby is secure on it. 


Last but not least, the Combi Fold N Go Stroller is a hot favourite among many parents. Somehow, I think that has to do with its design and affordable price point. It is very easy to handle and one hand folding works like a charm when I compare it to other brands. In addition, it has a lower price point but does not cut on features. Combi is a Japanese brand and though their manufacturing sites may not be in Japan, kudos to the Japanese designers who put their heart into designing this user friendly stroller. It moves along very well and with lockable front swivel wheels, it improves the manoeuvrability. It also has a large canopy that comes with a mesh ventilation window, allowing you to keep an eye on your child at all times and also for easy air flow. Now, the Combi Fold N Go is more suitable for babies 6 months and above. It doesn’t have bidirectional facing, so baby will only face the front. These are the reasons why we didn’t go with it as it is almost perfect for us in all other categories. 

Finally, The Final Stroller

We have come a long way since we set eyes on the first stroller. There are a dozen more brands out there and each comes with its pros and cons. The mentioned models in this review are those we think are noteworthy. If you want to explore further, start with these first.

Then, we are going to share the final stroller, which is also the one we eventually got for our baby.

BABYSING I-GO stroller

Perhaps relatively unknown, we came across Babysing at a baby expo in Hong Kong and I had the chance to speak to their sole distributor. Apparently, this is a French brand and they work through online and offline stores to sell their products globally. If you can’t find a sales office at your region, just hit over to Amazon and you should be able to find it. Here’s a link for the model we bought.


Key Features 
  • French Design
  • 100% Resin Cotton
  • Durable, light weight aluminium frame with spacious seat area
  • Tires are sturdy and cleans easily
  • Canopy made of easy to clean material (ie. resin cotton). A zipper on the canopy allows you to compress it, making it very neat
  • One hand fold design works well when opening it. To close it, frankly…two hands are needed unless you are very skilled
  • The reclining 5 point harness seat can be adjusted to 175 degree, so baby can sit and lie comfortably
  • The seat height is at a high of 76 cm from the ground. This makes it safer from vehicle exhaust and dust from the ground
  • Folded size: 54 x 50 x 28 cm

We went for the Babysing I-GO because it meets most of our requirements. It is somewhat a cross between a Stokke and a Yoyo+. It’s high off the ground (Stokke-ish) and it is small and lightweight (Yoyo+). Nevertheless, the Yoyo+ is still more compact than the Babysing I-GO. Yoyo+’s the choice if you really like to stay nimble and move quickly. The Babysing I-GO cannot fit in the flight cabin, so you have to check it in before boarding. It does not have a bi-directional handle but the canopy can be re-adjusted to face either direction, thus we can see the baby without any obstruction. When she is older, we will just keep it to face the front. Features wise, we are happy with the I-GO and the other pull factor is cost. For its full-fledged features, the Babysing I-GO is highly affordable and because we got it at a baby expo, there was an additional discount. 

As the I-GO is relatively compact compared to its peers (with the exception of Yoyo+), its basket is quite limited. You can probably put some baby items in a small to mid sized plastic bag plus groceries like a carton of milk and yoghurt but trying to fit a tote bag in there may prove to be challenging. (Update 9 Feb 2018: We managed to do it somehow but it is a tight squeeze.) It is good for ferrying your baby around with some light items but don’t expect it to double up as a shopping cart as we see with some bigger strollers.


Here you go. This marks the end of our review for strollers. We may not have all the specs on this page but feel free to reach out to us and discuss. We love to share our experience, and hopefully that can save you some time.


5 thoughts on “Review of Strollers and our Final Choice”

  1. Buon giorno volevo avere informazioni su babysing i go.
    Io volevo un passeggino leggero compatto con seduta alta e a due direzioni fronte mamma e strada.
    Ho acquistato un Coballe, ma risulta ingombrante, è pesante e se lo metto fronte mamma non si riesce a manovrare. Sono rimasta molto delusa.
    Ora sono indecisa se comprare il babysing i go, che rimane piccolo ed ha la seduta alta e si chiude facilmente oppure il yoyo che ha solo una caratteristica di quello che voglio io. Cosa mi consigliate? Ma il
    Babysing non può caricare borse sul manico mettendo i ganci? Grazie

    1. Hey Valentina, I have to admit I don’t understand Italian but thanks to Google translate, I think this is what you tried to share.

      “Good morning I wanted to have information on babysing i go.
      I wanted a compact lightweight stroller with a high, two-way seat facing the mother and the street.
      I bought a Coballe, but it is cumbersome, it’s heavy and if I put it in front of it, mom can not handle it. I was very disappointed.
      Now I’m undecided whether to buy the babysing i go, which remains small and has a high seat and closes easily or the yoyo that has only one characteristic of what I want. What do you recommend? But the
      Babysing can not load bags on the handle by placing the hooks? Thank you”

      Our opinion: We have not used the Coballe before but based on what you mentioned, it is cumbersome and heavy. In terms of weight, Yoyo+ is the best. We have the BabySing IGo and Yoyo+. Between the two, Yoyo+ excels in its lightweight, making it very easy to carry and push around. For family trips, Yoyo+ is the way to go. As for the BabySing, it has a good overall design, not too heavy and very affordable. You can still load bags on the handle by placing hooks on it but we usually don’t do that as it can easily topple the stroller if your bag(s) is/are too heavy. We have seen strollers topple over and it is a nerve wrecking experience no parent wants to witness or go through. I would say Babysing is good if you are on a budget and for Yoyo+, it comes in heavier on the price tag but is a great stroller to bring around as it is really compact. We also found that the Babysing IGo is not that easy to close with one hand. For efficient one-hand handling, Yoyo+ has an edge.

      Hope this helps in your decision.

  2. Hello, I see this review was posted in January of 2018….I am considering the stroller now, but have seen some reviews that say it’s not very sturdy and after a month or two is either broken or very wobbley. Are you still happy with your choice?

    1. Hi Molly, time flies and we have been using the Babysing IGo Stroller for a year+. Our baby is now 13 months old, and the stroller has its fair share of wear and tear. Can’t blame it though as we had travelled to 4 different countries (SG, HK, AUS, UK) in the past 1 year due to my business and that definitely has taken a toll on the stroller no doubt. Having said that, it is still going strong and I would recommend it.

  3. i have been using babysing igo for long, this stroller really one of my favorite one regarding it’s function and outlook, highly recommend.

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