It’s Time To Give Your Baby A Boost

By the time babies reach 8 to 9 months, it is probably a good idea to give them a boost! I mean, booster seats. What are booster seats?

Booster seats are add-on seats to normal adult chairs so that your baby can sit on it and enjoy meals together with the family.

Advantages of Booster Seat

There are several advantages for using a booster seat instead of leaving your child in their cot at every meal time.

First, it is a time to bond. The baby is close to the parents and siblings and this helps him/her to feel connected. While there doesn’t seem to be any statistics supporting this, families that dine together turn out to be more closely knitted. The best time to start? As soon as they are able to sit upright on their own which is usually around the 7th month onwards.

Baby can learn how to eat on their own. Actually, this is just partly realistic. Our experience with our own baby and from observing that of others is that it is a wonderful time for babies to play with their food. Expect a full mess thereafter leaving poor mom or dad to clean up. But hey, that’s part of the joy of parenting! Nevertheless, this process of playing with food is part and parcel in learning how to handle food on their own eventually. No Mess No Gain!

Portable and hygienic setup for your baby. By getting your portable booster seat, you can bring it around when you visit a restaurant and your little one can take his/her own seat without concern over using the common baby high chair that cafes and restaurants provide.

Are There Any Cons?

In our opinion, a portable baby booster seat is a good investment.

Some may worry that the baby will outgrow the seat fairly quickly. While this is true, it is safe to assume it is suitable for use up to 2 years old.

It depends on how fast your baby is growing in height and width. Most babies within 2 years of age fit into the booster seat.

HOWEVER, you do have to select the RIGHT booster seat.

We actually visited our nearby department store to test out a few models. On Amazon, they all look great but it was a blessing that we tested them before making our final decision.

As it would turn out, one of the brands we were originally eyeing turned out to be rather fllmsy and a tight squeeze for our baby. Had we ordered directly from Amazon, we would be in for a rude shock and probably have to go through the hassle of returning it for a refund.

So here’s our recommendation after testing it thoroughly. We would recommend to any parents the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat. I provide the link for Amazon and this is the exact same model we got for our baby. You have the option to choose other colours (green, lime, dark grey). We went for the Lime as my wife has a thing for things in lime colour and that was the end of the dilemma…

The Chicco Baby Booster Seat comes in a compact box, which we self collect from a nearby collection point.

Materials & Setup

Setting up the booster seat is fuss-free and won’t take you more than 2 mins. There are no screws to worry about and the main body is made up plastic that feels robust.

At the bottom are the x-wing support which comes with rubber stubs at the 4 corners. The rubber stubs provide excellent friction and grip, which ensure the booster seat does not slip around.

On top of that, there are 2 safety belts that help to fasten the booster seat to the chair, making it really secure.

The overall material is plastic and is great for cleaning because this is one product that your baby will mess up every time.

The tray in front provides a comfortable area for your baby to doodle on and to eat / play with her food. Depending on your baby’s size, the tray’s distance from the back rest can be adjusted to create the right fit.

That’s it for this review.

Hope you enjoy the read and if you have a question, please leave it in the comments below.