We’re Not Into Toys But I Want to Introduce Sophie (la Girafe!)

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When we have our first baby, I was firmly determined that I would not invest in buying any toys for her.

Not that my heart is made of stone nor that I was trying to stinge. We love her and we just didn’t feel toys contribute that much to a child’s development but just try telling this to Mattel, Hasbro or Bandai. 🙂

Toys are important for a child's development

In any case, in the months that follow, we stuck to our resolution and didn’t invest in any toys. A few close friends noticed our baby’s pouting face and weakened by that, proceeded to gift us with more toys than we can imagine.

The toys are all stacked nicely in one cupboard and occasionally we pick a few pieces for our baby to play with.

The Concept of Toys

And here’s our discovery about toys and probably what it meant to a child’s development.

There is no need to over indulge in toys. Yet toys play an important role for a child’s development especially when they are very young and cannot express with words.

Try putting a toy in your baby’s reach and you notice it’s not just the brightening up of her tiny face as she giggles and grabs it. In the next few minutes, watch and observe as your baby fiddles with the newly discovered object.

Toy or not, it’s not important to the child. What’s interesting to them is the new experience.

At formative years (0-3 years old), they are naturally curious about things and will absorb like a sponge.

I have given our baby different types of toys from soft toys to picture books. We noted her response to them and interestingly, she would play with it using her chubby fingers, turn it around and around. And until she’s fully satisfied she has ‘explored’ it fully, then will she turn her attention to something else.

Our conclusion of the matter is that toys matter to a child’s development NOT because they know it’s a toy. The term holds little relevance to the young one.

To them, it is about experimenting and learning a new thing and such is the beauty of life which we should all cherish – the curiosity to learn.

Toys fulfil this particular need for children well because they are often designed with their safety in mind. You can give your child a cup and she would be happy as well but we fear she breaks the cup and cuts herself. Hence TOYS are born.

And yes, before I forget. The gist of this post is to share about Sophie.

Who’s Sophie?

Well, a picture tells a thousand words. Here is a picture of Sophie.

Size of Sophie la Girafe relative to an A4 sized IKEA Magazine
Sophie is about 60% of an A4 Magazine’s length

I am sure for parents, Sophie la Girafe is not unfamiliar.

You have seen her in the baby section of department stores. Soft and made of rubber safe for baby use, it’s an immediate favorite with parents and babies.

We got this as a gift from our relatives and after watching our baby play with it for a couple of days, we can say this is a very well designed product (toy) and is absolutely safe choice if you want to get it for your child or gift somebody.

What Sophie la Girafe can do:

  • It can squeak! (Make some noise to attract baby’s attention) Over time, your baby will learn how to squeeze it to produce the squeaking sound. Our baby bursts into joyful laughter the first time she successfully did this!
  • Made of safe rubber, it is a great stand-in for teething period (around 8-10 months of age) and can soothe the sore gums
  • Easy to grab and handle by baby, no sharp edges that might hurt your baby’s delicate skin (Our baby steps on Sophie…oops…from time to time as she crawls around the playpen)

As mentioned, we are not into toys for our baby and though we have relented a bit in this category, we are selectively cautious with the choice of toys.

Sophie la Girafe is one of the toys that comes with great functionalities and most importantly, safe for baby use. If you are pondering what to get for your baby, we recommend it.

There are counterfeits online. To be safe, here’s a link to the original product on Amazon. You can get yours’ with FREE Delivery from Amazon, depending on your location.