Getting your first Baby Cot – We Make it Simple

The Baby Cot is one of the most important items that have to be prepared in advance for your newborn. 

With so many options out there, it is no wonder that this decision sometimes takes a long time to finalize. To make matters worse, there is the constant sales promotion that sways your decision each time you thought you had it. If this is what you are going through, we are happy to share our experience and recommendation.

If you like it, this can free up your time by a few weekends…at least. 

What We Went Through

Our baby was due for Sep last year but we started looking for baby cots around Apr or was it even earlier? Anyway, we visited every baby and department store across the country. Our weekend routine was fixed. We would drive down to each newly identified mall/store and inspect every baby cot and stroller (that’s for another article review!) we laid our eyes on. 

Weeks went by, and we had our sights on a few models. However, it was hard to finalize. The perfect model hadn’t appeared. Well, it never appeared. Eventually, we went for a baby cot that was different from our initial expectation. We originally wanted something small and portable, because babies grow up fast and there was no point to invest in a heavy-duty cot. Adding to that was also our need for mobility. We tend to move around often and therefore, a baby cot that can be brought around would be ideal. 

There were a few models that are foldable but when we examine their size after being folded up, they don’t look that portable and we don’t think we can lug them around easily. This is our unique situation and if you are not moving around and has a fixed location, the choices could be simpler.

Our Criteria for choosing the Right Baby Cot

  • Made of Sturdy Material
  • At least suitable for use until 1 -2 year old
  • Can be moved around easily; comes with wheels
  • No hard edges for fear baby may bang their head against it

Given these requirements, we eventually bought the Bonbijou S2 Playpen. For some reason, we couldn’t link it to the direct item but here’s a similar product for your reference

In any case, we like theBonbijou S2 Playpen for the following reasons. 

  • Suitable from birth to max weight 20kgs
  • Exterior Dimension: 125x67x78cm
  • Include a FREE 2″ thickness of Bonbijou Anti Dust-mites Mattress
  • It’s relatively lightweight
  • Portable as you can dismantle it quite easily and assemble again
  • The material used is soft mesh and poses no danger to baby even if they rub or hit against it
  • There is a diaper changer which you can fix on top of the baby cot. It is good for babies until 6-7kg. It provides the right height for cleaning but our baby is getting heavy and almost tilting over at 7 kg, we stopped using it. Another reason is also she is now almost able to turn on her own and trying to balance a fidgety baby on that diaper changer requires an extreme level of control and undivided attention. We just didn’t want to challenge that!
  • The storage is simply the coolest feature. The entire space beneath the bed is the main storage and we pack the diapers, diaper changing pad, cotton swabs, creams, baby wipes into it
BabynHome - Graco Baby Cot Internal Storage
The Main Storage Compartment is extremely roomy
  • On the side, there are convenient side pockets for items which are often used
BabynHome - Graco Baby Cot Side Pockets
Side Pockets provide quick assess to often-used items
  • The musical toy is a nice addition. At times, our baby falls to sleep while listening to it
BabynHome - Graco Baby Cot Musical Box
The Musical Toy provides moments of fun

Any Dislikes?

Not a lot but here’s a couple of changes I would like to see to future iterations.

  • TheBonbijou S2 Playpen comes with roller wheels on only 2 legs. In other words, when you want to push it around, you have to lift up one end and push/pull it. 4 wheels with brakes on one of them would make a PERFECT design
  • As the mattress is not resting on a solid frame (it’s sturdy mesh), the mattress tends to sag down a bit in the middle. Not extreme sagging but you can tell it is not 100% flat, as what you would get from a frame made of solid wood planks.
  • The musical toy works on a spring mechanism, so it plays for a minute or so before you have to rewind it. Not a big deal but I have seen some similar toys running on batteries and they can go on ‘forever’ until you hit stop. There is even one that comes with a sound sensor so that if the baby makes noise, it turns on. I got that in Hong Kong but it was just too bulky to lug around.

Our Recommendation

The Evenflo Portable Babysuite Deluxe Playard is of similar design to the Bonbijou S2 Playpen. Both come with excellent convenient storage and are portable for couples who are on a mobile lifestyle, or who enjoy the convenience of stowing it away once baby grows out of it.