Parenting Tip Ep 11: Healthy Play Time For Your Child

Do you fret over what to do with your child during your off days or on weekends?

Here’s a suggestion for you. Bring them out to venues where they can play, run around or even splash a bit of water (under close supervision of course!)

The benefits of outdoor play on your child’s development cannot be overestimated. Studies have shown and parents have attested to better social and overall development if they plan outdoor activities for their children. Well, it may require more effort and logistics to bring them out but would you rather they be cooped up at home safely with an iPad?

On 28 Feb, we brought our baby out to Sentosa. This is a tourist attraction in Singapore and while we have been there a few times, this was a first for our baby. Seeing her chubby little face lit up with delightful smiles and chuckles, we knew we made the right decision.

Visiting Sentosa on a weekday has its perks…less crowd and plenty of room for your children to splash around

We visited the Palawan Water Park known as Port of Lost Wonder. It is a child friendly water theme park and best of all, admission is free. You are only required to bring your own swimwear / swim diapers for your children and make sure you are properly decked in appropriate swim suit as well. From here, it’s all fun and laughter as parents and children bond together over water games.

The park welcomes children above 110 cm. As for the younger toddlers or babies, they can enjoy the fun if parents accompany them by their side. 

In sunny Singapore, this is really a cool place to bring your children to. More importantly, it is really beneficial for your children to participate in outdoor activities such as these which help to shape their physical development and creativity. 

How To Get There?

Palawan Pirate Ship Entrance: Admission is FREE

The Palawan Water Park is near to the beach station. You can take the Sentosa monorail from Vivocity (sentosa station) and once you reach the beach station, just walk for about 3 mins in the direction of palawan beach and you will see the water park.

If you are driving, you can park at the Beach Station Car Park for $0.02/minute. Please check this rate yourself as it might change with time.

Once you get there, admission is free and thus the whole family can enjoy healthy fun without burning a hole in the pocket. 


The inclusion of outdoor play activities for your little ones should not be overlooked. Children thrive when they are in environments that help to unleash their creativity. Instead of distracting them with mobile devices, it is a better idea to get out and engage in healthy play time.