Staying Dry And Keeping Warm

If you live in a region where the weather is unpredictable, you may be fretting over whether to bring that rain cover for your baby stroller.

A stroller raincover is not heavy but when you are traveling with a baby, the logistics just add up and before you know it, your diaper bag is cramped full of “what if baby needs this” items.

We share why it is still a good idea to put that raincover as part of your baby travel essentials.

It All Started…

Stroller with rain cover attached
An All-Weather Solution

with our recent outdoor experience. We live in London and the weather forecast on that day says it will rain and indeed it rained but just briefly.

Thus, the moment we stepped out of the house, we were greeted by a sunny weather and a very nice breeze. Summer time in London is best if you want to come here for vacation.

Anyway, we reached our destination and to our surprise, it got very windy and temperature also dropped by a few degrees. We had our coats on and that was fine but poor baby was fidgeting in her stroller as the cold wind hit her smack in the face and body.

That’s Where The Rain Cover Comes In

It was a spark of inspiration but we decided to put on the rain cover and use it as wind shield (windbreaker effect) instead.

Immediately, our baby was enclosed in the warmth of the stroller and fell back to sleep. We carried on for the rest of the afternoon in that manner.

Since that incident, we have always kept the raincover attached to the stroller’s canopy and if it rains or gets windy, we latch it to the front of the stroller to keep our baby dry and warm.