The Best Stroller for Globetrotting City Moms and Dads

The Best Stroller for Globetrotting City Moms and Dads

If you are living from city to city, what’s the best baby stroller? Getting the right stroller will make your expat lifestyle much more enjoyable.

After much testing, the Babyzen Yoyo+ is still the king of the hill in my opinion.

Within its small but robust frame, it can support your baby up to 18 kg (~36 lbs).

How small is it?

Unfolded, the Yoyo+ measures 106 x 44 x 86 cm. When it is folded, it shrinks to 52 x 44 x 18 cm, which is as compact as it can get. In fact, you probably can’t find a smaller stroller with the same functions Yoyo+ offers.

Dimensions of Babyzen Yoyo+
Dimensions of Babyzen Yoyo+
Babyzen Yoyo+ Folded
Dimensions of Babyzen Yoyo+ Folded

It’s probably hard to imagine what 52 x 44 x 18 cm feels like. Here’s a picture that can do the job better…or a better job.

We love this! No more insane waiting just to retrieve my stroller

The Yoyo+ is small enough to fit into your flight cabin, which is really amazing. I do not know of any other stroller that can do this. Most has to be checked in and if you are lucky, you can retrieve it back quickly after alighting from the plane. Once, we waited an hour for our stroller and that experience led us to add another 10 points to Yoyo+ for being cabin-friendly.

Is it strong enough to support?

Despite its relatively small frame, the Yoyo+ is very sturdy and can take up to 18 kg. We haven’t reached that limit yet but from the daily use, it never fails to provide a strong sense of assurance. The wheels suspension is awesome and our baby enjoys and even sleeps through her ride as we roll over uneven terrain at times.

The Smaller The Better?

Yes, if you are globetrotting often with your baby. This stroller is also a very good choice for city moms and dads. We lived in Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul and potentially the next pitstop is also a city going by the way things are shaping up. As such, you will be glad to know that Yoyo+ navigates best in crowded situations. It allows us to move in and out of subways conveniently without having to push everyone out of the way.

Public Transport Friendly

Public Transport Friendly Stroller
Stroller that is public transport friendly

In 2017, Singapore made a new regulation allowing unfolded stroller to be brought onto buses. There is however a condition for the size. The stroller must not be more than 1.2 m (length) and 0.7 m (width). Some strollers are way too big to make this criteria and thus cannot be brought onto the bus. The Yoyo+ measures 86 (length) by 44 cm (width) which makes it more than qualified to get onboard any bus. Applying this logic to other crowded cities, it suffices to say that your stroller is more welcome if it is not too bulky. 

UPF 50+ Canopy protects your baby

Yoyo+ uses a UPF 50+ canopy which allows only 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to pass through. This reduces the potential damage to your baby’s eyes and skin since they are still very delicate. The only thing we wish Yoyo+ had done was to design a more extendable canopy so that it can cover more of the baby.

0+ and 6m+

If you are new to the world of stroller, you need to understand not all strollers can handle newborn. A good way to check is to see if it is suitable for 0+. This denotes newborn baby. And this is not all. You also have to check if additional accessories are required. The Yoyo+ comes in three configurations. The standard configuration is suitable for babies 6m+ and it is only front-facing so your baby sits on it facing the road ahead. This is the standard configuration and has all the features mentioned above.

The 2nd configuration includes an infant cot (for 0+ baby) suitable from birth. For the first 6 months, this will be the go-to setup until baby is older. Once baby is around 6 months old and has stronger neck and back muscles, it’s time to switch to the standard configuration. Removing the infant cot and installing the stroller does take some work but it’s not complicated and you only do it once. Here’s a video showing you the steps.

The final and third configuration includes the stroller, the infant carrier and a car seat for up to 1 year old. The car seat allows you to transfer baby smoothly to your car without having to untie the baby from the carrier. Basically, we just remove the car seat (with baby inside) and fix it into the car using the ISOFIX base that has to be bought separately. The ISOFIX base in my opinion is optional, as we also can secure the car seat firmly using seatbelt. ISOFIX is about convenience.

Do you intend to shop frequently with your baby?

If yes, you will be happy to know it comes with a roomy shopping basket. Usually the small items do not bother us but if you are buying diapers (2 packs at a go), you will be glad to know that the shopping basket accommodates that easily and room to spare.

As a result of our city lifestyle and traveling needs, we move around quite a bit. The Yoyo+ initially did not catch our attention because it looks too small to be safe but after using it ourselves, we find that it holds its own against the bigger strollers and being so robust in a neat package, it is a breeze to navigate in crowded walkways, subway and malls. In crowded cities like Hong Kong where we live, the Yoyo+ displays its nimbleness to the max. Compared to bigger strollers, our Yoyo+ receives friendlier looks from other commuters especially during peak hours…which is like all the time. When folded, it takes up so little space and our car boot always has room for other extra stuff. Loading it up onto a plane is also easy and more than once, we amaze other passengers (also parents) who chat us up regarding our feedback. Needless to say, those discussions were very lively because everyone thinks their stroller is the best. Lol. It is our observation that getting a stroller is more than it seems. We don’t recall spending that much effort on our family car…which costs many times more.

Well, that’s the motivation for this article. We hope it is helpful and if you are a city mom/dad and you are already using the Babyzen Yoyo+ or other stroller, we welcome your comments. How do you like or dislike about the Yoyo+ and what other features would you like to see in YOYO++ (sorry, I coined this new model! ^^)

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