The Portable Electric Bottle Warmer – You Got to Have This!

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The Electric Bottle & Food Warmer is one of the items to prepare for your newborn. We were very blessed to receive the Tommee Tippee Warmer as a gift, just before our baby was born.

Our original idea was to heat up the milk bottle using hot water in a bowl. Well, that works of course but after using the warmer, we had to admit that it is a great time saver and we bring it whenever we go out.

We recommend you get this if you are looking for a warmer.

How to use it?

The Tommee Tippee Warmer is easy to use. Fill it with water to about half its height. We read an article stating that water should be filled up to 10mm below its limit. How that can be done is just beyond me because when the milk bottle is placed inside, the water will just overflow and spill out. After that,  just plug in the power point and make sure it is set to the lowest (level 1) temperature before you turn it on. It comes with 3 levels of hotness.

👍 Safety feature: The warmer turns off once the water reaches the preset temperature, so there is no danger of overheating the milk/food.

Depending on the quantity of milk/food, we warm it for up to 5-10 mins starting at level 3.

  • 30-50 ml of milk: 3-5 mins Level 3 Heating
  • 120-150 ml of milk:  7-10 mins Level 3 Heating

The above timings are for your quick reference.

Temperature Control
3 Levels of Temperature with Safety Feature

Does it fit most bottles?

In terms of girth, I believe all milk bottles can fit in. However, my bottles are of 150-240 ml (5 – 8 ounce) and they fit perfectly. I also have a pair of Philips bottles and they are larger at 330 ml (11 ounces). When I put the bottle in, I am unable to get the whole bottle heated evenly at the same time.

What I usually do is to turn the bottle upside down and put it back in for warming. It is my habit but…perhaps I don’t have to do that as milk that is heated will just move to the top while the colder milk (which is denser) will just flow down to be heated.

Sorry, I think I went a bit off-tangent with my physics 101. Lol.

Care & Maintenance

The Tommee Tippee warmer is easy to maintain. There are not many movable parts to clean except for an inner container that can be removed for quick washing.

Tommee Tippee - Inner Container
Inner Container comes off for easy cleaning

Tommee Tippee - Inner Container

We recommend the Tommee Tippee Electric warmer which is useful for both food & milk bottles.

ProductTommee Tippee Electric Bottle & Food Warmer

Origins: UK Brand with design roots in the USA

Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

👉 RecommendationTommee Tippee Electric Warmer

2 thoughts on “The Portable Electric Bottle Warmer – You Got to Have This!”

  1. I miss the days of having a baby, I honestly do. I remember with my first child I bought a bottle warmer and I hated waiting while my baby cried, but I was a first-time mommy. I like this one because it is a lot smaller than the one I had. I had to put my bottle inside of a compartment. This is a great tip for mothers, thanks for your recommendation.

    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing your experience. I guess things are really more compact these days when compared to the past. Even then, we had a bit of challenge trying to fit every baby item into our luggage for the first time. It takes a bit of getting used to, considering how we used to enjoy travelling light. 🙂

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