Traveling with your Baby Bath Tub

BabynHome - Summer Infant Baby Bath

If you have a baby and you are travelling, you will have to figure a way to bath your baby daily, especially if it is in a humid country. 

Most hotels may have a bathtub but it is meant for adults. With your little one, you may want to stay on the safe side and prepare your own baby bathtub. It is cleaner.

However, bringing a baby bathtub around in your luggage can be a challenge. 

We explored several options and bought the Summer Infant Fold Away Baby Bath. There are other similar options out there but we like the Summer Infant for its lightweight, foldability which makes it a breeze to fit it into our 28-inch luggage and still with plenty of room to spare. 

Here is a photo of the Summer Infant Fold Away Bath Bath tucked inside our luggage. 

BabynHome - Summer Infant Baby Bath In A Luggage
Tucked snugly into our 28-inch luggage. Plenty of room to spare.

We brought this to Sydney recently because the serviced apartment was not able to provide a baby bath, nor do they have a bathtub. The Summer Infant ensures our baby gets her daily bath in an environment she is familiar with. 

Tip: You should call up the hotel or serviced apartment to inquire before the trip.  In our case, they provided the baby cot but not the baby bath. 

Setting Up and Maintenance

To set up the baby bath, just unfold it and pull out the four supporting legs from beneath and lock them in place. You should also ensure the outlet vent is enclosed to prevent water from escaping. 

BabynHome - Summer Infant Baby Bath - The Supports
The Leg Supports can be open and closed easily

BabynHome - Summer Infant Baby Bath - The Leg Supports

For us, we kept the outlet enclosed at all times, as we usually discharge the used water by just tilting the baby bath to its side. Using the outlet vent would be slower. 

BabynHome - Summer Infant Baby Bath - Outlet Vent
There is an outlet to discharge the water

Anyway, for a baby bath, there is no need to fill it with water to the brim. Just half of it will do and keep it at a temperature of around 37 deg C. With experience, your hand becomes the best thermometer. For newbie parents, we bought a floating thermometer and put it in the water. 

Cleaning up after each use is easy. Just pour away the water and leave it standing against the wall to dry. Once a week, you may want to wash the baby bath more thoroughly to ensure any dirt is removed. 

User Experience

We have been using this baby bath from Day 1. Our baby is now longer (around 64 cm) and we do find it a “tight” fit at times. She doesn’t have a lot of room to move around but nevertheless, it does the job nicely.

We have a separate (bigger) baby bath at home which we use on a daily basis. As for the Summer Infant, it is highly portable and we use it whenever we travel.

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2 thoughts on “Traveling with your Baby Bath Tub”

  1. I love this. I was raised by a generation of parents that bathed their little ones in the sink when they were away instead of lumbering a specific baby bath along that takes up half of the boot space in the car.

    would it be safe to put a swivel seat or something in it that would help a little one sit up?

    1. I think I went through the ‘sink’ bath treatment before. Our baby is luckier. 🙂

      As for the swivel seat, there have been accidents reported regarding their hidden hazards. It is safer for parents to know the proper technique for bathing their baby instead.

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