Trending: Diaper Changing Care Package left in diaper changing room

Diaper Changing Care Package is the latest pay-it-forward trend for parents

I’m not sure if you ever had the experience of your baby exploding (poo…I mean) after several days of inactivity. It happens and to add oil to fire, what if that hits you when you are out with your baby with no extra diaper on hand.

When that happens, there’s only a few things you can do.

  1. Run back home quickly and hopefully you are not that far away. Otherwise, the journey will be an awkward one with stares from other commuters wondering where the smell comes from.
  2. Buy a new bag of diapers. Anyway, you need to replenish stock…but you just bought a bag two days ago.
  3. Hope that there’s a kind samaritan family around with extra baby diaper to spare. You got to be real lucky.

The above situation is not unique to any parent. Despite your best efforts to remember every item for your baby, there are just days when you are overwhelmed and rushing. Forgetting to pack in extra diaper does happen.

Recently, there was a case of someone leaving a diaper change care package in the diaper changing room of a shopping mall. It was neatly packed and on it, the note says “For any needy parent. Love from another parent who received similar help many times.” I didn’t use it because I brought my own extra diaper but the kind gesture from this unknown parent warmed my heart and probably it did benefit someone out there.

This is a case of paying it forward, making parenting less stressful for others and I think it would be really nice if more people catch on and do this for one another.

What do you think of the diaper changing care package? Do you have any similar encounters?

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