Using a beansprout pillow can help to calm your baby

Help your baby overcome separation anxiety with a beansprout pillow

Our baby sleeps well at night. However, there are still occasions where she would suddenly wake up, and start crying loudly. This can be separation anxiety and can affect babies beyond three to four months. 

Since the baby crib is just next to our bed, we do tend to her quickly and usually after some soothing, she will calm down and return to sleep. How often does this happen? Not every night and if it does occur, usually not more than once. 

Is your baby experiencing separation anxiety and if so, what steps are you taking to help your baby to sleep better at night?

Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Since it is risky to have the baby sandwiched between the parents on the same bed, you should always let your baby sleep on their own baby crib. The simplest way is to use a blanket and have it wrapped just snuggly around her body without trapping her hands within it. The feeling of having a warm blanket wrapped around the baby makes them feel protected and safe. 

However, if the weather is too warm or the blanket does not work, our suggestion is to consider getting your baby a beansprout pillow.

A beansprout pillow is relatively inexpensive (we got ours’ for less than $20) but more crucially you should always get one that is of the right size and weight for your baby. Too light and it may not have the right effect. Too heavy and your baby may not be able to push it away if it happens to shift and cover her face. Talk about paranoid parents…aren’t we all?

Both the mom and baby can share the beansprout pillow, especially for newborns. Newborns cannot see or hear well at birth and this continues until they are into their third month, beyond which their senses of sight and hearing will allow them to discern objects and people. For the first two months, they rely a lot on sense of smell and touch. By having moms use the beansprout pillow, the scent of the mom can be transferred to the pillow before the baby uses it. The newborn will discern that scent, feel more comforted and sleep better.

How do I scent the pillow so that it smells like me? Scenting the pillow is as easy as sleeping with it held close to your chest for 2-3 days. After that, your smell will be transferred to the pillow. The scent does not remain forever, especially after a wash, it has to be re-scented. It’s sometimes also a good idea to have it scented by other family members such as older siblings, grandparents so that the baby can recognise and bond with them faster.

Care and Maintenance

The beansprout pillow is filled with beansprout husks. To keep it clean, you can wipe it with a damp cloth and have it hanged out in the sun for airing probably once within every two weeks. It comes with a cover which you can wash from time to time to keep it clean for baby use. 

Cheeky Bonbon Beansprout Pillow
We are using the Cheeky Bonbon Beansprout Pillow

An alternative to the beansprout pillow is the bean bag for babies. We saw this at retails such as Mothercare Hong Kong and in fact, a colleague of mine was using it as well. The bean bag specification usually states it can handle up to toddlers but at six months, some babies are already outgrowing the bean bag with their feet hanging out slightly. Thus, we are not so sure this is that good an investment for long term.

The beansprout pillow is a good investment for your baby. It takes up little space, can support baby up to toddler. Best of all, you can bring it on your travels as well and enjoy watching your baby sleep soundly. 

Image Credit: Maternityexchange

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