What is the Best Multi-Functional Baby Diaper Bag?

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You see it being worn by parents all over. Apart from a fashion statement (parents can be trendsetters too!), these baby diaper bags are just as functional as they look good on the outside.

Welcome to our review of Baby Diaper Bag. In this article, we showcase one particular bag that seems to be popping up everywhere. 

The LAND Baby Diaper Bag is not just for carrying diapers. It carries almost everything you need for a day trip out with your little one. From milk bottles, diapers, change of baby clothes, changing mat, baby wipes & creams to even a small electric warmer, the LAND packs a punch with its versatility. And because pickpocketing is getting to be a serious issue in crowded cities, the LAND is not an easy bag to unzip. In fact, you have to straighten its zip properly before you can do so, which is a nice safety feature.

What We Like 👍

  • Size is friendly for carrying by moms, it’s not too bulky yet we can put all the necessary accessories for both the needs of baby and mom

Spacious Main Compartment

  • Multiple pockets to organize items separately. Usually, we bring along 3-4 diapers, 1 set of baby clothes, 1 plastic bag to place the dirty clothes, 1 diaper changing mat, 1 big coolant bag to keep the expressed milk bottles cold, a book that I am reading
  • Front Compartment for milk bottles but we use it for small items instead such as hand towels, tissues, mosquito spray, pens and a mini notepad etc

BabynHome - LAND Front Compartment

  • One side pocket specially designed for wet tissue/baby wipes with an opening for taking out the wipes with ease

BabynHome - LAND Side Pocket For Easy Access

  • Another side pocket on the opposite end to put my own drinking bottle as it is recommended for any breastfeeding mother to drink plenty of water a day to ensure adequate rehydration
  • Two security pockets inside the main compartment. One is accessible from the zipped pocket accessible from the back of the bag,

BabynHome - LAND Back Pocket

  • Waterproof material for warding off rainy days
  • Price is reasonably affordable compared to other brands such as the Stokke Changing Bag which looks great but comes at almost 3x the price of LAND

What We Dislike 👎

  • Main compartment zipper is designed for the opening to be squarish. This is a security feature but unfortunately also made it difficult for me to open the zipper with one hand
  • There is no pocket sleeve that can fit my Macbook!

Final Verdict

The LAND Baby Diaper Bag is made of a robust material which is also waterproof so it withstands light rain. However, do not expect it to take a heavy downpour without letting in any water. It is not bulky yet it comes with generous space for all the items we described above. 

Due to that, we have travelled to several cities with it so far, such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. The bag was our go-to daily travel pack and together with it, we survived all those trips with our baby nicely provided for 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What is the Best Multi-Functional Baby Diaper Bag?”

  1. Great article on a good item, a must have for parents with small kids.

    We ourselves have 2 little boys and are constantly carrying bags around.

    I see this more as a travel bag and not so much a daily bag to do you chores, however, I can see the practicality of this bag.

    Thanks for sharing,

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